YWCA Celebrates Lancaster’s Giving

Lancaster is an extraordinary community to be a part of. Made up of great restaurants and a strong sense of unity, Lancaster is also home to many committed non-profits. Supporting all of these great organizations can be an enormous task for the public. So the for the past four years, the Lancaster County Community Foundation has been committed to hosting its annual Extraordinary Give Day! Extraordinary Give is a giving event that helps area nonprofits raise money through the donations of the community. Extraordinary Give begins at midnight on November 20, 2015 and last 24 hours.


Extraordinary Give invites us to unite and participate in a true celebration of giving. During Extraordinary Give be sure to stop by the Great Giving Gig at Tellus 360. Hosted by 14 non-profits in Lancaster, from 10am until 10pm, there will be musical entertainment, food, beverages and giving stations set up for anyone who would like to donate to their favorite organizations. The event is free and is a great way to support all of the extraordinary organizations that make our community extraordinary.  If you want to make a gift to the YWCA during the #ExtraGive, visit https://extragive.org/#npo/ywca-lancaster.

  • Karolina Heleno, F&M Works Intern