YWomenVote 2020: A Conversation with America’s Women

Women want the nation’s leaders to listen and take action on issues that directly impact them. And we are urging leaders to pay attention – starting in New Hampshire.

Women are powerful advocates on the issues that matter.  As leaders of their families and trusted advisers in their communities, YWCA is working to ensure that women’s voices and priorities are heard in the 2020 election.  On Wednesday, January 29th in New Hampshire, we will launch a national road show to amplify findings from our third bipartisan national survey, YWomenVote, and to provide a platform for women to engage with local, community, state, and national leaders to voice concerns and priorities for them and their families.

We surveyed 1,000 women from communities across the United States including an over sampling of Black, Latina, API, and Native American as well as Gen Z, Millennial, and white rural women and found that women are highly motivated to raise their voices and they have shared personal and economic security interests and priorities regardless of age, race, ethnicity, education, or political affiliation.

So, we are going on the road throughout 2020 to communities where YWCA local associations are on the forefront of the issues outlined in our YWomenVote2020 survey findings.  We’ll explore the issues that matter to women at the community level in forums, roundtables, and town halls.  We’ll engage community leaders and policy makers to encourage them to listen and create policies that change the power structures that determine the future for women.

Starting next week, look for us at YWCA New HampshireYWCA DaytonYWCA Northeast IndianaYWCA Greater Miami-Dade, and in other communities. Visit YWomenVote.org to learn more about our bipartisan national survey findings and to see when we will be at YWCA local association near you.

Together, we can ensure that women’s voices are at the forefront in 2020 – right where they belong!