Mass Shooting in Georgia

YWCA Lancaster is devastated by the loss of eight lives, six of whom were Asian women, murdered in a series of spa shootings on Tuesday, March 16 in Georgia.

This tragedy reflects hate against Asians, against women, and against immigrants in America. Let it be known, this is not the first instance of anti-Asian violence. There is a growing number of racially motivated attacks directed at Asians revealing white nationalist discourse, anti-immigrant rhetoric, and the disinformation campaign associated with the novel coronavirus in our country.

YWCA Lancaster has a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. We strongly condemn violence, harassment, and misogyny, calling on all Americans to demand justice! Justice to create a world where women, girls, and all Asians can flourish. We must be moved to challenge structural inequities and deepen our work for equity and justice. Until justice, just is.