The Season of Giving at YWCA Lancaster

Many community members and businesses make end-of-year giving an opportunity to support their community and support organizations that align with their values and priorities. At YWCA Lancaster, we believe in the feeling of connection and a sense of purpose that is achieved when we support something bigger than ourselves. It’s what the season of giving is built on — creating connections by supporting our neighbors and community.

Nonprofits depend on monetary gifts to make our work possible and we are grateful for those and gifts of any kind. At YWCA Lancaster and across the nonprofit sector, we also see this time of year as an opportunity to connect with others and reflect on what we value and find meaningful in our communities. Through giving, in any means and form, a positive impact is created for those around us. By connecting with the community in new ways, we may find a passion or purpose that we support throughout the new year and possibly a lifetime.



If you need help getting started, a great way to connect with the community is through the work we do at YWCA Lancaster. Supporting us could come in a variety of ways from monetary gifts, to following us on social media and helping to spread awareness of the work we do and our holiday-giving needs! Our many departments also have needs this time of year and with every gift given you are supporting the work we do in the community and creating a lasting impact.

Last year, with the help of the community we were able to make the holiday season even more special for the many individuals and community members we serve, and with your help we can make this season even brighter!

Below are some items needed for our programs at YWCA Lancaster. We welcome all gifts but are only able to accept new unused items.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center

  • Comfortable clothing for survivors- especially all genders and/or larger sizes- sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies
  • Underwear and sports bras-especially larger sizes, all genders
  • Travel shower products-shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wipes, etc.
  • Fidget toys/ coloring supplies for use at the hospital

Kepler Hall Residence

  • Shelf stable foods such as cereal, rice, soup, pasta, sauce
  • New twin size sheet sets; blanket, comforters, and towel sets.
  • New personal hygiene products for women, men, or children.  Body wash, shampoo and conditioner-for multi-textural hair, razors, toothpaste, combs, lotion, etc.

Center for Racial and Gender Equity

  • Non-perishable snack or gift card to grocery stores for community Racial Equity Trainings and Racial Equity Action group meeting
  • New Coffee maker
  • Cultural or social justice decorations/art
  • Medium-large cloth basket

YWonderful Kids Child Enrichment Program

New Choices Career Development Program

  • Sheetz gas cards
  • Bus passes

We are thankful for the support of our community and our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women and hope that this giving season is a special one for all!

For more information please fill out the form below or reach out to Nancy O’Halloran, Chief Development Officer, at or 717-344-2710.

Donation drop-off is available at YWCA Lancaster from 8am-5pm!

110 N. Lime St

Lancaster, PA 17602


Holiday Giving

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Donate Online

Partner with YWCA Lancaster to help continue our day-to-day operations and needed programming. Give a gift using our website to support our Kepler Hall Residence Program, Sexual Assault Response, Racial Equity Program, the YWonderful Kids Childcare Program or Where Needed Most.