All who enter are equal (and believed)

Everyone has the right to enjoy themselves without fear when they are out with friends, coworkers, or alone on the town. That’s why our Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center is committed to partnering with as many local businesses as possible to make sure Lancaster’s go-to spots for night life is safe, affirming, and proactive in ensuring customer’s safety.

Partnering with Tellus360, members of our SAPCC team conducted a training with bar staff to empower them to be proactive bystanders advocating for respect and safety for all who visit the establishment.

The facts

Alcohol is often a factor in sexual assault and violence, with studies estimating that between 50% and 77% of sexual assaults involve alcohol consumption, by either the victim, the offender, and many times both. What’s more, 70% of women and 80% of men had been drinking when sexual assault occurred.

And because of alcohol impairs judgement, in Pennsylvania no adult can legally consent if they are incapacitated by alcohol.

YWCA Lancaster’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center team was thrilled to partner with Tellus360 to ensure that wherever alcohol is served, customers can enjoy it safely, responsibly, and with a staff who understands the signs of a dangerous situation and can intervene.

Training to empower

In the 2 hour training, SAPCC staff covered topics such as:

  • consent
  • bystander intervention practices
  • rape culture
  • alcohol and the role alcohol plays in sexual assault perpetration
  • how to protect drinks from being tampered with
  • identifying potential aggressors
  • victim blaming and how to avoid it

All who enter are equal (and believed)

Bill Speakman, music and events manager for Tellus360 said “Tellus360 was pleased to participate in the YWCA’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month training as we feel it is our responsibility to equip our staff with the knowledge and tools to provide a safer environment for our customers and employees.

Jo and Kimberly clearly presented the information with great sensitivity. Their dedication to helping us understand the material in a meaningful way is apparent.  We’re grateful for their efforts and hope to continue to work together”.


Building our movement

While Sexual Assault Awareness Month is only one month, YWCA Lancaster and our Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center is dedicated to supporting victim survivors and ending sexual violence in Lancaster County all 12 months of the year.

As the rape crisis center for Lancaster County, we operate our 24-hour sexual assault hotline available at 717.392.7273, provide medical and legal advocacy for victim survivors, and offer no cost counseling and therapy for anyone impacted by sexual abuse, harassment and assault (and we have openings!).

We are committed to working with any business who wants to join our movement empower more proactive bystanders and promote safety for all in Lancaster County.

If you would like to book us for a training for your staff or workplace, contact us today!