Public Policy Positions

YWCA Lancaster addresses contemporary political issues and advocates for the rights of women and minorities. The YWCA Lancaster Board of Directors supports the following public policies:

Economic Security

YWCA Lancaster advocates for public policies that ensure freedom from discrimination and oppression, and promote the following:

  • Pay equity in employment and access to high-skilled, high-wage work for women and minorities.
  • Welfare reform to provide child care, health insurance, and training.
  • Safe, affordable housing for low and moderate income people.
  • Shelter and support services for the homeless.
  • Expanding workers’ benefits and security under the Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • Domestic partner benefits for those in committed, long-term relationships.
  • Quality, affordable child and dependent care.


YWCA Lancaster advocates for public policies that ensure access to universal quality education by:

  • Promoting culturally-sensitive education.
  • Eliminating gender and racial bias in public education.
  • Supporting women and girls in mathematics, science and technology education.

Health and Healthcare

YWCA Lancaster advocates for public policies that ensure:

  • The right of all women and girls to make reproductive choices free from government intrusion.
  • Support of women’s healthcare needs including contraception and abortion through all health care plans, including Medicaid.
  • Research, prevention, and treatment of health problems, such as substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Research, education, and prevention of diseases that primarily affect women, children, and people of color.

Human Rights

YWCA Lancaster advocates for public policies that denounce all violations of human rights, promote justice, equity and human dignity for all people, and ensure the following:

  • Equal access to the voting of public officials, by all groups of people, through democratic elections
  • Repeal of any Voter ID Law, and prevention of any law that disproportionately affects specific groups of people
  • Participation by women in all political, social and economic decision-making processes.
  • Passage, ramification and implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Inclusion of sexual orientation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 as amended.
  • Preservation of parental rights of homosexual parents.
  • Repeal of sodomy laws as they apply to consenting adults at all jurisdictional levels.
  • Actions on behalf of victims of war crimes in conflict situations.
  • Global eradication of all forms of discrimination and oppression.
  • Comprehensive peace building among nations and the building of a secure, healthy, sustainable global environment free from women’s human rights abuse, including dowry death, female infanticide and neglect, trafficking of women and children, female genital mutilation, compulsory heterosexuality, forced pregnancy, sex tourism and military sex slavery.


YWCA Lancaster advocates for public policies to ensure against violence in our society and promote the following:

  • Elimination of sexual harassment, gay bashing, battering, emotional abuse and other forms of victimization, especially of people of color, women and children.
  • Enforcement of the 1990 National Hate Crime Statistics Act regarding crimes based on race, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Development of enforceable standards for reducing the portrayal of violence in the media.
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