Supporting YWCA Lancaster in the 2023 ExtraGive

The Goal

We are proud of the women and families we serve and our over 100-year history of success in our community.  We look forward to the ability to help even more women and their families as well as remain on the forefront of social change. We are committed to listening, learning and leading to bring real change to the fight for racial and gender equity. As we embark on the next step of our journey together as YWCA Lancaster, we hope you will join us in the fight for peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

“We are working to produce the first ever racial equity profile of this county. This is going to quantify the gaps in racial equity and the lost GDP because of these gaps. Another thing we’ll be doing is working very hard to bring our vision to life of adding affordable housing units within this building. And finally, we are going to continue to do what we’ve done the last couple of years. Listen, learn and lead on these issues.”

-Stacie Blake, CEO

The Give

As a non-profit agency, we simply can’t do it without the support of individuals such as yourself. While we receive funding from grants, government contracts, and community partnerships, it’s not enough to fully combat the ever-present problem of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, and racial injustice. That’s why we must rely on the generosity of others in our community. These are not problems that will just go away, and they are not problems that can be ignored.

Systemic racism and sexism are deeply ingrained into the fabric of our society. From our schools, to real estate, to voting rights, we all have a role to play in dismantling these systems. Our work is not a zero-sum game. Everyone will benefit from eliminating racism and empowering women. As Ella Baker said, “Give light and people will find a way.” Your donation will help us bring light to the community.

Get Involved

What is the ExtraGive?

The ExtraGive is a celebration inspiring individual donations and shining a light on the work of our community benefit sector. This unique day highlights organizations that support causes that align with the programs and mission of YWCA Lancaster. Some of our programs include:

Your Role

On average, someone must see/hear something multiple times before they act upon it, so we need to spread the word of YWCA Lancaster’s involvement in the ExtraGive to as many people as possible. Because this is an agency wide effort, we must use all available communications methods we have. That’s where you come in.

How you can help

We’d love for you to be active participants in the communications of YWCA Lancaster in the ExtraGive! Below you’ll find everything you should need to schedule and/or post on your social media accounts prior to the ExtraGive.

ExtraGive Resources

ExtraGive day is almost here! Grab your friends and get ready. These resources are everything you need to get started!

Champion Graphics


We need your help to make this our biggest ExtraGive yet!

The ExtraGive is Lancaster County’s largest day of giving, and we’re excited to once again be part of the fun on November 17!

A Fundraising Champion, or Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser, is a supporter who rallies around YWCA Lancaster to help fundraise on our behalf. Our supporters create their own fundraising page as a spin off of our main ExtraGive profile. Our Fundraising Champions will share that page with their network to expand the reach of YWCA Lancaster’s mission and bring in new donors.

Our Fundraising Champions are passionate about the work we do, and use their voices to make a difference! Ready to join the fun? Visit our ExtraGive page to begin. Click on “Fundraise” right next to the “Donate” button to start the process!

If you would like additional help please check out this presentation!