THANK YOU for being our hero during the Extraordinary Give

This year for the ExtraGive, we were thrilled to team up with local artists Loryn Spangler-Jones from LSJ Studios to create a piece of art that will be on display at YWCA Lancaster. With your help we were able to raise over $21,000, which will be used to continue supporting the community through our various programs. Thank you!

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We would like to pay tribute to our late great hero, Gail Hamilton. Gail recently passed away surrounded by family and loved ones. She has inspired so many during her time on Earth, and we were so fortunate to have her as a hero ambassador.

Before Gail had passed, we had prepared this video to highlight her Grandmother, Betty who was the Executive Director of YWCA Altoona in the 1960’s. She inspired al of her family and others around her through her work and positivity. A true hero. At YWCA Lancaster there is always a place for you.

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Tribute to Gail

“It’s pretty cool when your wife is your superhero”

Gail’s life has been devoted to making a difference in people’s lives both locally and globally. Now, for once, she gets to see how her passion for people is benefitting so many.”

Gail's Girls

Often, in stories of struggle and resilience, a hero comes to light.

This is Andrea’s hero story.

Heroes have an innate ability to turn a bad situation into something that can be used for good.

Andrea’s mother, Gail, is doing just that. Helping others is what Gail has always done, and she is not going to let cancer stop her.

Andrea's hero story

Meet Cathleen and Michelle. Similar experiences brought them together and now they are stronger than ever before.
Hear more about their journey to empowerment in the coming weeks.

Together we are Stronger

Empowered women, empower women.

Cathleen and Michelle are each other’s heroes. Through their journey, they’ve lifted up themselves, each other, and those around them. Something our campaign is all about.

Cathleen's Full Story

Michelle and Cathleen are two women whose friendship is forged in empowerment and self love. Their story is one of true heroism and strength.

Primary Prevention at YWCA Lancaster