Lancaster County Equity Profile

A new way to see our community, and build a just future through action

YWCA Lancaster, in partnership with community organizations, has teamed up with with PolicyLink, to create the first county-wide Racial Equity Profile in Pennsylvania.

The National Equity Atlas was invited into the Lancaster County community in the summer of 2021 to support a collaborative process of asking questions, finding data, and determining ways to create an impact to improve racial equity.

As a research partnership between PolicyLink and the USC Equity Research Institute, the National Equity Atlas has completed dozens of equity profiles of cities, counties, and regions over the past 10 years and brings deep awareness and commitment to the data and the policy recommendations that can create change. This is the first county wide racial equity profile in Pennsylvania, and our hope is that it will serve as a benchmark to show us where we are as a county and where we can continue to improve.