Community Now Panel Discussions

Community Now Session

from December 3, 2021



Racism is a public health crisis and has been declared so in 4 different Counties in Pennsylvania. This virtual Community Now panel discussion happened on December 3rd, 2021. Our PA YWCA leaders discussed the varied intersections of racism and how we can begin addressing the crisis and work towards healthier more equitable communities.

Panelists included: Stacie Blake, Angela Reynolds, Stacey Woodland, Jean Treuthart and the discussion was moderated by Diane Hightower.

Community Now Session

from March 25, 2021

Community Now Session

From February 15, 2021

Community Now Discussion

From January 28, 2021

Community Now session

from December 9, 2020

Community Now Panel Discussion

From September 23, 2020

Community Now Panel Discussion

From August 26, 2020

Community Now Panel Discussion

From August 18, 2020


Chelsea Reimann, Director of the Alice Drum Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Student Life at F&M College
Sandra Brown  from the Lancaster Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Randall Wenger, Chief Clerk of the Lancaster County Board of Elections and County Registration Commission

Stacie Blake, YWCA Lancaster CEO will facilitate and take questions from the audience.

Community Now session

From June 24, 2020

Community Now session

from June 4, 2020

Thanks to the panelists for their insight on our discussions – What follows is a list of resources that we believe will support your individual learning process. This is not an exhaustive list of resources available, but they are a good starting place.

<!--The Black Artist Waystation


Our next Community Now session takes place February 15 at 6 p.m.

The Black Artist Waystation is a private sector initiative to increase the visibility and support of Black artists in Lancaster. Presented by YWCA Lancaster, our aim is to be a catalyst for artists who create works that define the movement toward freedom and recognize the many efforts that brought us to this moment. We are exploring the link between Lancaster as a waystation on the Underground Railroad and the freedom seekers who rested here; to the struggle for freedom that continues today and the many moments in between of excellence, beauty, and joy.

Twenty-two local Black artists have been nominated for this experience beginning in February 2021 and culminating with a Juneteenth event. This initial launch and discussion will expound more on the Black Artist Waystation vision highlighting the Agents (nominators), Nominees, and Conductors (mentors). There will be an opportunity for the public to view the works of the nominees and learn more about art, artivists and the need for public art in social justice movements.  Join us in the journey for equity in Lancaster arts!

Panelists include:

  • Tony Collins
  • Lenwood Sloan
  • Javier Suarez

To create change we must first understand what is happening in our community now. This is one of a series of dialogues hosted by YWCA Lancaster with a diversity of voices included.

The ZOOM link will be sent via email after you sign up.–>