Protect Abortion Rights

With the recent Supreme Court decision, rights are under threat in Pennsylvania. We need your help to take action and protect reproductive healthcare in our community!

Take action to protect abortion rights:

Even though Roe V. Wade has been overturned, abortion is still legal in Pennsylvania.

While abortion is legal, it is under threat, and we need your help to protect this vital service for our community.

Ways to Take Action

Tell Your Elected Officials NO on SB956

SB956, a proposed amendment to the PA Constitution denying the right to abortion and funding, has passed second consideration. It will now go to the Senate for a third vote and if it passes there, it will go to the House. We are asking all of our supporters to join us today in contacting your Senators and telling them to vote NO.

Donate to Abortion Funds

Donating to local abortion funds is a great way to directly provide money and logistical support to people seeking abortions. It also benefits those who need financial assistance to pay for travel expenses, childcare, and other costs.

Register to Vote

The reproductive lives of people of color, young people, LGBT folks and people in low-income communities are greatly at stake during the election season. The ability to preserve and expand everyone’s access to reproductive care rests on their right to vote. Without the right to vote, people lose their power to choose.


Sign up to Volunteer

YWCA Lancaster is fighting for access to sexual and reproductive healthcare. Volunteers like you help us to make real change happen in our community. 

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Support the Women's Health Protection Act

Equal access to safe, legal abortion care is the right of all persons to determine their own lives. The Women’s Health Protection Act (S. 4132) protects the right to access abortion, free from burdensome and often medically unnecessary restrictions, including mandatory ultrasounds, waiting periods, biased counseling, and irrelevant medical testing. The bill also protects providers offering abortion services to ensure abortions remain safe and accessible.  

We all deserve access to quality and affordable health care – including abortion care. Contact your Senator TODAY and urge them to support and immediately pass the Women’s Health Protection Act!


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