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Kevin Ressler

Seeing is being seen”, said Kevin. “There was a better chance of my friend being a professional basketball player than being hired as a teacher in that school.

Kevin Ressler is the CEO of the United Way of Lancaster County. He has been with the organization for several years and has worked to improve the lives of people in Lancaster County by leading efforts to address pressing community issues such as poverty, education, and health. Under Ressler’s leadership, the United Way has successfully raised funds and partnered with other organizations to support programs that help individuals and families in need. Ressler has a strong background in non-profit management and has a passion for making a positive impact in the community. He is dedicated to continuing the mission of the United Way and working towards a brighter future for all residents of Lancaster County.

This issue can have a significant impact on students, as research shows that students perform better academically and are more engaged in learning when they have teachers who share their racial or ethnic background. Furthermore, a diverse teaching force can help create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment for all students. However, the teaching force in the United States is not representative of the population. Studies have shown that the majority of teachers are white and female, while students of color and male students are underrepresented in the teaching profession. This lack of representation can contribute to the achievement gap and perpetuates systemic inequalities in education.