Scavenger Hunt Clues

Scavenger Hunt Directions

Now you’re ready and on your way. Today is going to be a walking day! Grab a friend, your family, and colleagues too. Hopefully you have on your favorite walking shoes.

Each site you visit has rich history as you will see in the clues. You may learn somethings, you never knew. We want you have fun along the way, each step you take on this path creates more awareness of local places working to change the day.

Each location has a clue for you to solve. Once at the location you will find a sign with a number to record. The path you choose is up to you! The map will give you a suggested route. If you get stuck, have no fear. Text or call 610-915-8962 and extra clues will be revealed.

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Don’t forget to record & remember each site number! You will need these to submit your clues!

Once you have completed the scavenger hunt click here to submit your clues!

Clue 1

Make your way over to the organization that is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. 

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Clue 2

By now, we hope you warmed up a bit. This next location should be a short walking trip. This location was established in 1774, as a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

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Clue 3

By now you’re in a groove. Don’t let this clue take you off track. If you’re a historian, you’ll have the next few clues down pack. This location was the site of Thaddeus Steven’s key speech on supporting the Reconstruction bill in 1867.

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Clue 4

So much rich history on the way to this location. This area was deeply impacted by redlining but thrives in ways you will soon read in this clue. This location is named after an icon of the anti-slavery movement in the mid-19th century.

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Clue 5

Head on over to this infamous gem. The legacy here is rich and alive. Get a fresh cut if you have time. Or step inside to briefly step back in time.

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Clue 6

You may or may not be following the stories about this location. Patiently waiting for the doors to open and grasp a moment in time. Don’t stray from downtown. This next clue will lead you to a location very close.

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Clue 7

This location is still standing but as a different establishment. Take a moment back in time to remember what it used to be. 

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Clue 8

Did you grab a bit to eat yet? If not, now is your chance! This location is home the “Home of the Hot Chicken Sandwich.”

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Clue 9

Still looking for great food? Look no further! This location is no stranger to the social justice world. The owners came up with their idea back in college at Penn State University. They saw a missing link connecting Chinese cuisine and healthy food.

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Clue 10

Whether solo or a group, there’s more than enough room to gather here. The music and the aroma will make you forget about time, and live in the moment.

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Bonus Locations

Not on the route, but we couldn’t resist!  

Did you know-  

Stevens-Greenland Cemetery at South Duke Street, near Conestoga River was established for the ‘burial of persons of the colored race or their families.’ It holds the histories of many who were forgotten, refused a proper memorial, and otherwise denied at other cemeteries based on the color of their skin. It is now being taken care of by local citizens and shown the respect and care it deserves.  


Rocky Springs Swimming Pool 

This site held similar protests as Watt and Shand and was the subject of many legal battles as the public swimming pool in agreement with Maple Grove and Brookside Twin public pools. However, when the three pools lost the legal battle, they chose to become private pools and to continue their exclusion of African Americans, and Lancaster created three brand new public swimming pools.