Scavenger Hunt – Site 5

Mr. Vic’s Family Barber Shop

Head on over to this infamous gem. The legacy here is rich and alive. Get a fresh cut if you have time. Or step inside to briefly step back in time. 

This Black owned family barber shop was established in 1951. At a time when many Black owned businesses were being pushed out, Mr. Vic’s weathered the time and fulfilled several much-needed services. This location was especially important for local community members who were otherwise denied services throughout Lancaster County during that time. 

With over 30 years of experience, you can always rely on Mr. Vicks Family Styling to provide you with professional and creative services to bring your vision to reality. Many black owned businesses face a rough road in their formation and survival as they face hate and the refusal of many potential customers and neighbors. We look to support these hard-fought battles, and aid in their success. 


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