Scavenger Hunt – Site 9


Still looking for great food? Look no further! This location is no stranger to the social justice world. The owners came up with their idea back in college at Penn State University. They saw a missing link connecting Chinese cuisine and healthy food.

After graduating, they pursued their career paths. In 2015, these co-owners, affectionately known as love birds came together to make their college vision a reality. Inspired by street kitchens all over Asia, they decided to bring a version of the fast casual dining experience to the streets of Lancaster to start. With a passion for food and for giving back, this location started out giving 100% of their tips to local nonprofits selected by staff and community members, now their mission is giving 1% of their total sales each month to purchasing items for the Power Packs Project. 

In the words of the owners “Since opening in August of 2015, we have donated over $20,000 in monetary and physical goods to over 15+ local non-profit organizations.”  


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