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Hear Our Voice: Elevating, Resorting and Rejuvenating

Lancaster Public Library is a proud co-host of the Dorothy Height Book Club

To keep everyone safe…the Book Club will be going virtual – via Zoom:

Topic: YWCA Lancaster Dorothy Height Book Club

The Dorothy Height Book Club will host virtual sessions on November 12.

Our next session is set for November 12 at 6:00 p.m. and we will be discussing Hear Our Voice: Elevating, Resorting, and Rejuvenating

Looking for a collective space to decompress? Then, this event is for you. Sit back for an enriching evening to witness local greatness in performative arts. In collaboration with the Executive Director of Disrupt Theatre, Starleisha Gingrich, will highlight rising voices feeding the soul of the social justice movement. Bear witness, feel, and release. This collective space is exclusively for Black/brown women, femmes and non-binary folks. Featured artist will share their voice, followed by an open space for viewers to share their work.

Audre Lourde Interview

The New York Times Culture Issue

EN POINTE: Black Dancers, Black History

Dorothy Height Book Club

Join our insightful book club with a focus on diverse, thought-provoking writers and subjects.
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