Dr. Kesha Morant Williams

Dr. Kesha Morant Williams, as an Associate Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences, uses her professional skills and personal passion to enhance not only community engagement but also interpersonal relationships. Her desire to provide discourse and support for issues related to people who are misrepresented or underrepresented in society, has led to a platform where she advocates for women, seniors and the African American community. Dr. Morant Williams used her voice in both spoken and written form to share stories which results in meaningful dialogue across a diverse array of people groups, belief systems and personal experiences.

In addition to her work at Penn State University, Berks, Dr. Morant Williams, along with her family, founded Completion in 2017 where Kesha is currently the Executive Director. The organization works to merge scientific research with everyday life experiences. Completion is using creative outlets and access to social science to improve the health and well-being of Lancaster community members.