Timbrel Chyatee Adidala

Timbrel is making waves in the fashion community in Lancaster and around the world. Following college, Timbrel traveled to India to learn more about the culture of her birthplace. While there, she faced many instances of discrimination. She wanted to use her skills to make a difference to stand against discrimination. Thus began Lush Bazaar – a socially conscious, couture fashion line created in India and sold in her storefront in Lancaster and online around the world.

Timbrel works closely with under-served women in India who are often victims of domestic abuse. She employs these artisans to create high-quality, unique pieces, handcrafted with precision. The beautiful pieces are then shipped to Lancaster. Here, Timbrel continues her mission by employing members of the Lancaster community who are marginalized, victims of domestic abuse, refugees, or single mothers. Timbrel also uses her voice through social media to speak out on social issues and women empowerment.