Vanessa Philbert

As the first female Chief Executive Officer at Community Action Partnership (CAP) of Lancaster County, Vanessa Philbert is making an impact on the Lancaster community. CAP, as the County’s largest anti-poverty organization, works to support and strengthen low income families through programing centered around areas such as education and child development, health and nutrition, household stability, and safety and empowerment. Under Vanessa’s strong and gracious leadership through the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, CAP was able to carry out their work within the community with no disruption in service.

Fueled by personal passion and over 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector, Vanessa provides strong, vulnerable leadership to CAP’s over 300 staff members and is described as embodying “the essence of a strong woman leader” by those who work alongside her. She inspires greatness in others and genuinely appreciates their strength, while also encouraging, supporting, and empowering them to realize their own potential and seek advancement.