Black Artist Waystation

The Black Artist Waystation works to amplify the visibility and support of Black Artists in the Lancaster community. Presented by YWCA Lancaster, our aim is to build a community-led platform for artists who create works that define the movement toward freedom and recognize the many efforts that brought us to this moment. Black Artist Waystation celebrates the link between Lancaster as a Waystation on the Underground Railroad, the struggle for freedom that continues today, and the rich tapestry of artistic expression that has led us to this moment and propels us forward.
The Black Artist Waystation vision is for community members to create an artistic work that celebrates freedom, Black excellence, beauty, and joy.

Program Overview

The Why:

Much of the museum and art world was built with the same oppression and racism that exists in much of our society, forcing Black artists to overcome more obstacles than their white piers. YWCA Lancaster seeks to provide an alternative model of mentoring for up-and-coming artists in their early and mid-stage careers. We strive to provide visibility and opportunities for our talented community members through the use of exhibitions, programming, and events while simultaneously shedding light on the inequities within the arts as a whole and its prevailing culture. Through the Black Artist Waystation, YWCA Lancaster will continue to create opportunities for our members as well as support the next generation of young Black artists by providing the tools for them to thrive.

The What:

The Black Artist Waystation is a vehicle for artists of many mediums, including but not limited to, painting, sculpture, design, literature, cinema, music, theater, and multidisciplinary arts. Participants in the Black Artist Waystation will undergo a XXXX long experience where they will receive mentorship from other artists, and present their work to the community. Black artists have been a major foundation in liberation movements and historians of culture in their communities. YWCA Lancaster hopes to continue, support, and inspire the next generation of Black artists. We encourage makers of all art forms and of all skill levels to apply!

The How:

To participate in the 2022 Black Artist Waystation please submit the following form along with your artistic vision. Creativity is a process, and we understand the importance of staying emergent and fluid, but we would like your artistic vision to outline your intent behind the art you are creating.

We would love for you to summarize your sources of inspiration, how you interpret and represent the Black experience in your art, your vision of what the final piece will look like, and how you intend for your work to impact the community as a whole.

Apply to be part of the 2022 Black Artist Waystation

Participants may apply themselves or be nominated by a community member. We are accepting applications from artists of all mediums and skill levels.

Black Artist Waystation 2022

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