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We can only continue providing our essential programs and services to the Lancaster County community with the generosity of supporters like you.

Donate to YWCA Lancaster

Where Does My Donation Go?

YWCA Lancaster’s core mission initiatives of social justice and empowerment allow us to address systemic issues and draw from human experience to achieve healing, restoration and hope. Choose your donation category of choice, and watch your gift make a lasting impact: Empower Women, Eliminate Racism, Endowment Fund, Special Projects or Where Needed Most.

$25 can provide

a school-age child the opportunity to attend a packed day of YWCA summer camp fun with swimming, field trips and meals, while allowing their families to work

$100 can provide

a one-hour counseling session for a survivor of sexual assault as well as supplemental materials like journals and books designed to aid in their holistic healing and positive reintegration

$250 can provide

a full scholarship to YWCA Lancaster’s 2.5-day Anti-Racism Analysis which arms participants with a foundational analysis of the systemic and institutional power of racism

In-Kind Donations

YWCA Lancaster gratefully accepts the following donations for our Residence Program:

  • NEW Twin size sheet sets; blanket, comforters and towel sets.
  • NEW personal hygiene products for women, men or children.  Body wash, shampoo and conditioner-for multi-textural hair, razors, toothpaste, combs, lotion, etc.
  • NEW Laundry baskets, pots and pans, brooms, sponges and brushes, dish soap and laundry soap.
  • Bus passes

Endowment Fund

Give a lasting gift to ensure YWCA Lancaster’s essential services continue. Contributions to YWCA Lancaster’s Endowment Fund are structured so that the principle amount contributed and invested remains intact, while Investment Income Annual Earnings are available for YWCA Lancaster to use to operate efficiently. Our Endowment Fund is managed by Fulton Financial Corporation, and funds are restricted and governed by YWCA’s Board of Trustees. Our goal is to grow contributions to our fund by 15% each year for the next 10 years.