Meet Nancy: a New Choices achiever

Nancy Huerta Ramirez is just one of the hundreds of community members who have found success with New Choices Career Development Program— an opportunity to access resume writing, professional/personal development, and even scholarship funds all without charge. We hope you will join us on March 24 for Taste of Success, a celebration of the incredible impact of the New Choices Career Development Program!

Meet Nancy:

I was out of the workforce for a year to take care of my one and four year old sons.

My husband’s job requires him to travel once or twice a month out of state for the whole week, and I lack support from family and friends. I knew because of this I had to be creative if I wanted to work on my professional goals, but I did not know where to start. I had so many ideas in my mind about continuing education, future projects, and I did not know how to find a job that fit my household schedule.

I contacted Deb at the New Choices Career Development Program and explained not just my situation but my ideas. Through New Choices, I found a more than a career counselor, I found someone who understood my needs in the big picture and helped me to narrow/prioritize them.

Deb and New Choices provided resources, guidance, and job listings that fit my schedule during my job searching. Deb found a job that fit my schedule, I applied and got the job at Wellspan as a case manager on weekends. At the same time, Deb helped me to search for universities and colleges for my continuing education goal.

I applied to Millersville University for the MSW online program using the scholarship available to New Choices students to cover some of the fees. I have been accepted and am looking forward to starting my MSW in Summer 2023.

I have no stopped being creative, and having ideas. In the future I want to open a Cafe for moms and kids. Even though I will be taking some time for school, Deb has provided contact information for the person who can help me with this project, an it will be another reason to come back to New Choices for guidance when I’m ready to launch this idea.

There is no doubt this program empowers and supports women to grow in their community.

Celebrate New Choices at Taste of Success on March 24!