Services for Victim Survivors and Significant Others

24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline

The Sexual Assault Hotline is operated by trained staff and volunteers. Callers may utilize the hotline for several reasons, including, but not limited to: crisis intervention services, questions about resources and referrals related to sexual violence; inquiries about counselling; and requests to provide medical advocacy at local hospitals. The phone number for the Sexual Assault Hotline is (717) 392-7273.

Crisis Counseling

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Crisis counseling is a short-term intervention that is action-focused, client-centered, and trauma-informed. Counseling is provided to individuals in response to a crisis related to the victimization. Goals of crisis counselling may include identifying immediate needs following crisis, understanding effects of sexual violence, understanding reactions to trauma, identifying coping skills, reviewing options, understanding one’s rights, self-advocacy, and connecting to community resources.


Therapy is an in-depth intervention in response to the longer-term effects of the trauma. Therapy is a strengths-based intervention used by professionally trained therapists to aid clients in resolving problems of living, identifying survival skills, examining core beliefs, and working on process-oriented internal changes related to sexual violence. Therapists employ a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication, and behavior change.

SAPCC serves clients and provides programming at 1905 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602. We also serve clients at our satellite sites in Columbia, and on the campuses of Millersville University and Franklin & Marshall College. Services for school aged children may also be provided within the school setting. For additional information or scheduling call (717) 869-5009 or email Counseling and therapy are offered at no cost.

Medical Advocacy

Medical Advocates accompany victim survivors to Sexual Assault Forensic Exams (SAFEs). Medical accompaniments may occur at any hospital in Lancaster County or at the Lancaster County Children’s Alliance. Medical advocacy includes providing support for the victim survivor’s health, safety and physical/emotional impact of the victimization.  Medical advocacy is typically accessed by other professionals by calling the 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline, or at the request of the client at the facility where the SAFE will be performed. Medical advocacy is offered at no cost.

Legal Advocacy

SAPCC staff provide support to clients and significant others through the legal process. Accompaniments may include preliminary hearings, forensic interviews, and other court proceedings. Legal advocacy is typically requested by a client to their counselor or therapist. For additional information or to request legal advocacy call (717) 869-5009 email Legal advocacy is offered at no cost.

Support Groups

Support groups are offered throughout the year for victim/survivors, significant others, and non-offending parents. Support groups include self-help, peer, social support, and crisis intervention in a group setting that is designed to process their experience(s). Our current support groups being offered, are listed below. Contact us by email at, or call (717) 869-5009 for more information. Support groups are offered at no cost, and are currently operating in hybrid format (in person or virtual).


Current Support Groups

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