Kepler Hall Residence Program

YWCA Lancaster was established in 1889 to provide safe and affordable housing for women and families. YWCA Lancaster has steadily adapted its many services for women over the years to meet emerging community needs, but has continued to maintain its transitional housing program, the oldest and second largest in the county.

Today, YWCA Lancaster offers emergency and affordable housing for low-to-moderate-income single women and women with young children on a month-to-month basis during transitional periods in their lives. Support is provided to residents to help them find permanent housing, employment and to obtain life skills.

While many YWCAs have moved away from residential programs, YWCA Lancaster has remained a beacon of hope, providing countless women and families with safe, affordable and supportive housing during hardship.

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YWCA LANCASTER Provided more than 140 women and families with safe, affordable, and supportive housing during hardship