Racial Equity Institute

Join us for a "Listen, Learn & Lead" session on December 21

Why our Antiracism must be Anti-Capitalist.

Americans spend billions each year between Black Friday and December 25th, but have we ever considered the ways that our consumer culture upholds white supremacy? In the rush to finish up our holiday shopping, let's slow down and think about our spending. Please join the CRGE team to explore the connections between capitalism and white supremacy; come for discussion and leave with actionable steps to ground your holiday gift giving in antiracist values.

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Today, we remain committed to ensuring that we show up to advocate against the oppression that many groups and individuals endure. During these unprecedented times, everyone is trying to understand and respond as quickly as possible. Our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women is more crucial now than ever before.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, we invested in our signature program, the Racial Equity Institute to update, reimagine and reformat . Balancing the urgency of our current national dialogue and the health concerns of COVID-19, the program now includes 12 hours of in-person training over 3 days (utilizing physical distancing), with approximately 2 hours of online participation at your own pace, all during a 5-day period.

We have committed to meet the community need for information by providing this deeply impactful and life-changing material to the community every month at an affordable rate and we have added public offerings including a social justice book club; Racial Equity Lunch and Learns; community discussions and more. You can learn more
on the Events tab of this website.

Customized trainings for groups/businesses/schools are available to meet your needs as well.

Contact Information:

Jasmyne King (she/her)
Director, Center for Racial and Gender Equity