Policy Positions

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Term Definitions

Equity: Each individual gets what they need from systems and institutions to live in peace. Equality means everyone gets the same. Equity, however, means each individual getting what they need to thrive.

Discrimination: Treating someone differently, often based on prejudice or stereotypes.

Liberation: The purpose of anti-oppression and social justice work. Liberation is the deeply-felt ability to live authentically, free of fear and violence, and with justice, dignity, affirmation and value.

Oppression: Structures of power that embed social hierarchy within systems and institutions for the benefit of one group – often socially-constructed – at the expense of another group.

Peace: The deeply-felt sense of inner-balance that comes with justice, liberation, and access to resources in order to thrive.

Prejudice: The belief that something is true without prior experience, knowledge or exposure; a pre-judgement

Racism: Racial prejudice + the misuse of systemic and institutional power.

Stereotype: A generalization about a group of people or an individual based on prejudice or inaccurate, incomplete information.

White Supremacy: The violent, historically-based social and political underpinning of racism that globally oppresses black, brown, and indigenous people of the world for the economic and cultural elevation of white, European and Euro-descended peoples. White supremacy over-values white cultural norms, values, and standards at the expense of all other cultures and is reinforced by the systemic and institutional power of racism, genocide, and colonialism.

Issue Education

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