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For more than a quarter century, our community has come together to unite against hate and build our shared movement toward eliminating racism and empowering women. As the longest consecutively run and largest race against racism in the nation, YWCA Lancaster’s Race Against Racism, embodies the spirit of solidarity and the fight for racial justice.

For over two decades, the Race Against Racism logo has symbolized our commitment to unity, equality, and the fight against racism. Now, with your help, we’re taking the next step in our journey by selecting a new logo that captures the spirit of our event and reflects our shared values.

To reimagine the Race Against Racism logo for 2024 and beyond, we were pleased to work with Amanda Choong, a student from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design!

The designs:

Option 1: honoring our legacy to shape the future

With this refreshed look, the Race Against Racism’s iconic logo is more streamlined and legible, using more modern typography and spacing to pay homage to the era it was created in while taking us into the future. In addition, the word “AGAINST” is now capitalized and enlarged, to show the urgency of the moment.

Option 2: a statement of intent

Taking the Race logo in a different direction, this variation issues a bold statement of our intent, with a message as fierce as the urgency behind it.

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