New Choices Scholarships

New Choices Scholarship FAQs

New Choices Career Development Program can award scholarships to our graduates wishing to continue their education. Each student is handled individually, and the scholarship amounts are dependent upon our government funding and student’s education program of choice.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I get scholarship money?
After graduating successfully from New Choices, students meet with New Choices Executive Director, Deb St. Onge to discuss education plans and scholarship possibilities.

What is the value of the scholarship?
The scholarship mainly depends upon our funding for the year.

Must I complete the New Choices program to be eligible for the scholarship?
Absolutely! Scholarship money is only offered to New Choices graduates.

Can I use the scholarship money at any school?
Scholarship eligibility depends on your school and program choice. Call New Choices at 717-869-6363 for more information.

Are there other scholarship/financial resources available?
Yes! Lancaster is a county ready to help! To see other resources and scholarships in our community, click the resource link below.

Listrak In-A-Pinch Fund

The Listrak In a Pinch Fund has been established to help women accessing the services of the YWCA Lancaster with grants to cover immediate needs such as clothing for a job interview, eyeglasses, a haircut or a new pair of shoes. It provides a unique way for individuals who are trying to turn their lives around and their caseworkers with quick access to essential items.

As the brainchild of the late Carolyne Smith, the original In a Pinch Fund was founded at the YWCA Greater Harrisburg in 2004, and has helped numerous women overcome obstacles on their path to success. According to Carolyne, “When you are trying to turn your life around, sometimes it’s the tiny obstacles that prove the hardest to overcome.”

The In a Pinch Fund at the YWCA Lancaster has been made possible through a generous gift from Listrak, fulfilling a desire to give back to the communities where their employees live and work.

It is our desire that the fund will carry on its original vision, help women on their path to success, help combat racism, and write this region’s own success stories.

To make a contribution to the Listrak In a Pinch Fund, please click on the donate link below, and select the “Listrak in a Pinch Fund” in the giving category. Plus, you can send a donation to the YWCA Lancaster, 110 North Lime Street, Lancaster, PA 17602.