YWCA Lancaster is On A Mission

What makes YWCA Lancaster different? Our mission of empowering women and inspiring equitable societies sets us apart.

We don’t just offer programs; we seek the transformation of our community through bold, hopeful and compassionate movements. We accomplish our mission through education, from the ground level up. Intermixed with standard educational programming, children in our Child Development programs learn about the beauty and powerful of diversity. Our counselors teach school-age children about healthy relational boundaries and how to identify and prevent sexual assault. YWCA’s Social Justice team hosts workshops and classes, partnering with individuals and groups on their journey toward justice. We’ve been in Lancaster for over a century, standing at the forefront of suffrage and civil rights, and fighting for the issues of today. Our endurance is unquenchable. We have been – and always will continue to be – leaders for racial justice and women’s empowerment.


We pioneer opportunities, break down barriers and give voice to the voiceless. YWCA is bigger than a place — we have been at the forefront of social change for more than 150 years nationwide.


By harnessing the potential of every person and opening doors of opportunity, YWCA Lancaster brings real change to the fight for gender equality, and racial and social justice. We have the collective strength to face the biggest challenges and work toward a more just and equitable society that benefits everyone.


We are teachers, thought leaders and advocates, working every day to effect good change for our Lancaster community. We provide a continuum of response from direct service to issue education to advocacy. This combination of programming and advocacy makes YWCA Lancaster uniquely positioned to achieve its mission.


We are the oldest and largest multi-racial women’s organization in the world, and have been leading change in the Lancaster community since 1889. We have always been — and will always continue to be — leaders for racial justice and women’s empowerment.

YWCA Is On A Mission, and We Know You Are, Too!