Permanent Residence

Women who live at YWCA Lancaster’s Kepler Hall Residency often come from abusive relationships, can no longer afford their current housing due to loss in income, or are transitioning from drug and alcohol treatment programs. The nurturing support provided by the Residence staff has helped many women to get back on their feet and to live fulfilling, independent lives.

YWCA Lancaster offers long-term, affordable housing rental units for low-to-moderate-income single women and women with young children on a month-to-month basis during adjustment periods in their lives. Case manager support is provided to residents to help them find employment and to obtain life skills.

All residents enter into a landlord/tenant agreement with YWCA Lancaster and pay a portion of their income for rent, which includes utilities. There is no limit to the number of years a resident can stay. As long as residents follow the landlord/tenant agreement, stay current with rent, and follow the rules of residence, women can make YWCA Lancaster their permanent home.

Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and funding from local foundations and private donors, YWCA Lancaster also provides permanent and safe housing.

To apply for permanent housing or to learn more, applicants can visit YWCA Lancaster’s front desk during normal business hours, or contact Raeanna Metzger.

Contact Information:

Raeanna Metzger (she/her)
Director of Operations and Kepler Hall Residence Program

66 women and children

acheived independent, long-term housing