Danielle Harvey, CAAP (she/her)

Counselor and Medical Supervisor

Danielle Harvey, CAAP (she/her) is the Counselor & Medical Supervisor at the Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center (SAPCC) at the YWCA Lancaster. She holds a Bachelor’s in Sociology from Millersville University. She began her journey with SAPCC in October 2012 first as a volunteer on the hotline, then as a medical advocate before becoming a counselor in January 2014. Since the beginning of her career at SAPCC Danielle has been passionate about working with survivors through the process of evidence collection and sexual assault forensic exams. As Medical Supervisor she channels that passion into creating and maintaining positive relationships between SAPCC and local health care centers, as well has overseeing SAPCC’s team of Medical Advocates.  

Danielle’s commitment to working with survivors who experience substance abuse and addiction lead her to become a Certified Allied Addictions Practitioner (CAAP). Maintaining this certification has allowed her to improve the services she provides to the county when it comes to the intersections between sexual trauma and addiction/substance abuse. 

Danielle’s approach to working with victim/survivors is authentic, strengths-based, and trauma-informed, with a focus on self-empowerment. Danielle recognizes that trauma can impact all parts of individual’s life and strives to help support survivors in feeling like they have control over their trauma, rather than their trauma controlling them. 

When not at work, Danielle enjoys reading, embroidery, listening to music, theatre and spending time with family and friends.

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