Scavenger Hunt – Site 2

Saint James Episcopal Church

By now, we hope you warmed up a bit. This next location should be a short walking trip. This location was established in 1774, as a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

Looking back, women were long excluded from positions of power in both the Episcopal Church and wider society. They were largely defined as mothers and wives and denied the same rights and opportunities as men. By the end of the twentieth century, women could be found here serving in all areas of church including the ordained ministry of deacons, priests and bishop. Since its inception in the colonial era, members of this congregation have and continue to be instrumental in the support of public education and social justice.

This location is an open and affirming congregation of LGBTQ+ communities and is known for both its innovative and traditional worship as well as its Urban Well retreats that explore contemplative spirituality. When you approach this location, feel free to take a browse and enter the churchyard until 5pm. While in the churchyard please keep to the footpaths to avoid damage to the historic monuments or personal injury. This historic campus includes a 200-year-old sanctuary, churchyard, a recently renovated rectory, and parish house.  


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